One Yellow Daffodil: a Hanukkah Story (age 7-10)
by David Adler
traditions ... identity ... survival
A Holocaust survivor shares Hanukkah with a loving family that gives him the courage to remember.
Sarah and the People of Sand River (age 7-10)
by W. D. Valgardson
historical ... identity ... school
Sarah, twelve-year-old, is sent to the city by her widowed father to stay with Mrs. Simpson and go to school but Mrs. Simpson exploits and abuse Sarah until Sarah finds the courage to get back home.
Don't Call Me Slob-o (age 7-10)
by Doris Orgel
identity ... friendship
Shrimp must decide whether to befriend the new boy in his neighborhood, who is a Croatian American, or to join the kids who make fun of his name and his accent.
My Name Is Maria Isabel (age 7-10)
by Alma Flor Ada
identity ... realistic ... school
For Maria Isabel Salazar Lopez, the hardest thing about being the new girl in school is that the teacher doesn't call her by her real name. "We already have two Marias in this class," says her teacher. "Why don't we call you Mary instead?" But Maria Isabel has been named for her Papa's mother and for Chabela, her beloved Puerto Rican grandmother. Can she find a way to make her teacher see that if she loses her name, she's lost the most important part of herself?

Barron Park Elementary School, Sat Aug 25 11:55:26 2012
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