Willy the Scrub (age 7-10)
by Jamie McEwan
school ... sports
Catalog: Willy and his friends have just started the 5th grade and want to be part of the "in" crowd, so they become jocks; the fall football season leaves Willy a benchwarmer, or scrub, but he goes out for wrestling and things begin to change.
Jeffrey's Ghost and the Leftover Baseball Team (age 7-10)
by David Adler
humor ... sports ... spooky
A baseball team of children no one else wants on a team turns into a team of winners with the help of a friendly boy ghost.
Bravo, Tavo! (age 7-10)
by Brian Meunier
family ... enterprise ... sports
Tavo, named for his father Gustavo, plays basketball so much that his sneakers are worn out. His father is too worried about the drought afflicting their small village to focus on replacing them. Gustavo thinks he can solve the water shortage, but the other villagers say hes crazy. Tavo puts aside basketball to help prove his father right. In return, something miraculous happens to his sneakers, and he's the hero of the next game. Did the magic come from his shoes, or was it in his heart all along?
Scrubs Forever! (age 7-10)
by Jamie McEwan
growing up ... sports
Dan is about to give up wrestling when he discovers that he really likes rock climbing; however, he starts to take it too seriously when winning becomes too important.
Rufus the Scrub Does Not Wear a Tutu (age 7-10)
by Jamie McEwan
growing up ... sports
Rufus finds himself involved in both the football team and a ballet class. Despite the teasing from his friends, the ballet lessons may just save the football season.
The Pizza Pie Slugger (age 7-10)
by Jean Marzollo
Billy, the former champion slugger for his third grade baseball team, is bothered by his very young stepsister's presence at games and feels that she is jinxing him into a batting slump.
Super Hoops Series (age 7-10)
by Hank Herman
Play one on one with this super series.
title: Above the Rim
title: Ball Hog
title: Crashing the Boards
title: Foul!
title: Hang Time
title: In Your Face!
title: Monster Jam
title: One on One
title: Out of Bounds!
title: Show Time
title: Slam Dunk!
title: Trash Talk
Peach Street Mudders Series (age 7-10)
by Matt Christopher
growing up ... friendship ... sports
The Peach Street Mudders learn a lot about sportsmanship, and a lot about life.
title: The Hit-Away Kid

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