A Necklace of Raindrops (age 7-10)
by Joan Aiken
fantasy ... short stories
These gloriously imaginative stories contain a pinch of magic and a dash of dreams.
The Best Children's Books in the World: a Treasury of Illustrated Stories (age 7-10)
by Byron Preiss
folklore ... short stories
A collection of illustrated stories, originally published separately, from all over the world.
The Jamie and Angus Stories (age 7-10)
by Anne Fine
humor ... adventure ... friendship ... short stories
Publisher comments: The moment Jamie sets eyes on Angus in the toy shop, with his silky coat and forlorn gaze, he knows they belong together. On Christmas morning, the two are united at last, and the coveted Highland bull becomes Jamie's constant companion, through an ill-fated run-in with the washing machine, Uncle Edward's jump-training sessions, a stay at the hospital, and three more amusing adventures from Britain's Children's Laureate.
Toys Go Out: Being the Adventures of a Knowledgeable Stingray, a Toughy Little Buffalo, and Someone Called Plastic (age 7-10)
by Emily Jenkins
friendship ... adventure ... short stories
Publisher comments: Lumphy is a stuffed buffalo. StingRay is a stuffed stingray. And Plastic... well, Plastic isn't quite sure what she is. They all belong to the Little Girl who lives on the high bed with the fluffy pillows. Together is best for these three best friends. Together they look things up in the dictionary, explore the basement, and argue about the meaning of life. And together they face dogs, school, television commercials, the vastness of the sea and the terrifying bigness of the washing machine.
sequel: Toy Dance Party: Being the Further Adventures of a Bossyboots Stingray, a Courageous Buffalo, and a Hopeful Round Someone Called Plastic
How to Save Your Tail: If You Are a Rat Nabbed By Cats Who Really Like Stories About Magic Spoons, Wolves With Snout-Warts, Big, Hairy Chimney Trolls--and Cookies, Too (age 7-10)
by Mary Hanson
authorship ... folklore ... short stories
ONCE UPON A time, in a grand castle, there lived a rat named Bob, who was fond of baking and wild about reading. So begins Bob’s quest to save himself from being eaten by Muffin and Brutus, the Queen’s cats. How does Bob attempt to escape their claws? By telling them fractured fairy tales about his whole rat family (and feeding them cookies).
Sardine in Outer Space Series (age 7-10)
by Emmanuel Guibert
adventure ... humor ... short stories ... science fiction
In the goofy space adventures of a little girl called Sardine, encounters aren’t always friendly: weird creatures, cosmic squids, masters of the universe, talking clouds, and evil beings abound. In this volume of seven stories, Supermuscleman, the chief executive dictator of the universe, is on a mission to make all the galaxy’s kids behave. Sardine must enlist the help of her cousin Lou and her pirate uncle, the gruff Captain Yellow Shoulder, to outwit him and his evil plans.
title: Sardine in Outer Space
title: Sardine in Outer Space 2
title: Sardine in Outer Space 3
title: Sardine in Outer Space 4
title: Sardine in Outer Space 5
title: Sardine in Outer Space 7
Rats on the Range and Other Stories (age 7-10)
by James Marshall
short stories ... humor
In eight animals stories the reader meets a rat family that vacations at a dude ranch, a pig who takes lessons in table manners, a mouse who keeps house for a tomcat, and a buzzard who leaves his money to the Society for Stray Cats--or does he?
A Turkey Drive and Other Tales (age 7-10)
by Barbara Ann Porte
humor ... family ... short stories ... authorship ... the arts
A sister and brother who enjoy storytelling like their father and art like their mother join in making up stories about different pictures around their house.
Martin Bridge Series (age 7-10)
by Jessica Scott Kerrin
school ... growing up ... short stories
Meet Martin Bridge--a most special and ordinary boy whose well-meant plans sometimes go awry. In three stories, Martin encounters two bus drivers with very different ways of relating, makes a tough decision about a friend's pet and takes on an extremely competitive model rocket project that almost costs him a friendship. The daily rhythms, struggles and triumphs of childhood ... at home, at school and with friends ... are evoked with warmth, understanding, honesty and humor.
title: Martin Bridge on the Lookout
title: Martin Bridge: Ready for Takeoff!
title: Martin Bridge Out of Orbit!
title: Martin Bridge: Blazing Ahead!
title: Martin Bridge: Sound the Alarm!
title: Martin Bridge in High Gear!
Hill Top Tales (age 7-10)
by Beatrix Potter
short stories ... folklore
The tale of Tom Kitten -- The tale of Jemima Puddle-duck -- The tale of Samuel Whiskers -- The tale of Ginger and Pickles.
The Classroom at the End of the Hall (age 7-10)
by Douglas Evans
humor ... school ... fantasy ... short stories
Strange things are happening in the classroom at the end of the hall. A chalk dust genie appears while the erasers are being cleaned, and the new art teacher resembles a stick figure. What else?

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