Baseball Fever (age 8-11)
by Johanna Hurwitz
humor ... family ... sports
Ezra Feldman, almost ten, likes baseball more than anything else in the world. But his father cannot understand why his son would rather rot his brains watching men swinging big wooden sticks than read a book or play chess. Can an unwanted car trip, a grumpy old professor, and a surprising chess victory help father and son find a little common ground--and convince Ezra's dad that cheering for the national pastime isn't completely off base?
The Little Ballerina and Her Dancing Horse (age 8-11)
by Gelsey Kirkland
Eleven-year-old Rosie must choose between the two things she loves most--ballet and horseback riding.
The Aurora County All-Stars (age 8-11)
by Deborah Wiles
friendship ... family ... bigotry ... sports
Twelve-year-old House Jackson--star pitcher and team captain of the Aurora County All-Stars--has been sidelined for a whole sorry year with a broken elbow. He's finally ready to play, but wouldn't you know that the team's only game of the year has been scheduled for the exact same time as the town's 200th-anniversary pageant. Now House must face the pageant's director, full-of-herself Frances Shotz (his nemesis and perpetrator of the elbow break), and get his team out of this mess. There's also the matter of a mysterious old recluse who has died and left House a wheezy old dog named Eudora Welty--and a puzzling book of poetry by someone named Walt Whitman. Through the long, hot month of June, House makes surprising and valuable discoveries about family, friendship, poetry . . . and baseball.
Champ (age 8-11)
by Marcia Thornton Jones
friendship ... animals ... sports
Riley is awful at sports. He wants to quit the baseball team, but his dad won't let him give up. So when one bad swing brings a three-legged dog into his life, Riley feels like he's been thrown a curveball. How can he take care of a dog and make his dad proud? Champ is a former champion show dog. But when the accident that leaves him with Riley also leaves him with three legs, this dog has to learn some new tricks. Can Champ show Riley that winning doesn't always mean coming in first? Together, Riley and Champ make a great team, but not everyone thinks so. Could they be separated?
The Pigeon With the Tennis Elbow (age 8-11)
by Matt Christopher
family ... sports
Kevin O'Toole, playing in a tennis tournament, meets a talking pigeon who turns out to be his great uncle ... and gives him tennis tips.
Johnny No Hit (age 8-11)
by Matt Christopher
school ... sports
Threatened by a beating if he hits against Roy's pitching, Johnny almost loses a ballgame for his team.
The Black Belt Club Series (age 8-11)
by Dawn Barnes
sports ... adventure ... action
In this high-drama action novel, four members of the elite Black Belt Club set off on a daring adventure to save the world from an evil force that can only be stopped if they use their martial arts skills and karate-spirit powers to work together. Full of high-kicks, blocks, and intelligent problem-solving, here is a series sure to pack a punch.
title: Night on the Mountain of Fear
title: Beware of the Haunted Eye
15 Minutes (age 8-11)
by Steve Young
fantasy ... humor ... sports ... magic
Seventh-grader Casey Little is always late until he discovers a magic watch that takes him back in time, a trick he uses both on and off the football field. It's not that Casey Little is always late. It's just that everything starts a little too early. But when Casey discovers a weird little time machine, he figures he'll never be late again. Unfortunately, it's not a very good time machine. It can only go back 15 minutes. And it seems to have a mind of its own. Still ... what could possibly go wrong?
Benjy in Business (age 8-11)
by Jean Van Leeuwen
enterprise ... sports ... school
Benjy needs a new catcher's mit, and decides to go into business to earn the money to buy it. He tries everything from lemonade stands to dog-washing operations, and learns more than the value of a dollar along the way.
Benjy the Football Hero (age 8-11)
by Jean Van Leeuwen
school ... sports
Benjy discovers that brains work better than brawn when it comes to beating the other fourth grade class's football team.
Black Gold (age 8-11)
by Marguerite Henry
animals ... sports
No one thinks much of Black Gold because he is so small. But Jaydee sees something special in his eyes. He knows Black Gold would be great if he was his rider! Finally, Jaydee gets his wish. And Black Gold grows strong and fast under his careful hands. Soon it would be time for the most important race in America. Did they really have what it takes to win? Black Gold's inspirational story proves that the power of love and dedication can make any dream come true.
Poopsie Pomerantz, Pick Up Your Feet (age 8-11)
by Patricia Reilly Giff
growing up ... sports ... the arts
Poopsie Pomerantz is sure that ballet lessons will make her slim and graceful. But her friend Tracy Matson makes fun of Poopsie's efforts, saying there's no hope for chubby Poopsie. Tracy is surprised when Poopsie announces she's getting the starring role in her dance school's ballet. And Poopsie's surprised, too, because it's not true! She didn't mean to say that. Now she has to pray that Tracy doesn't come to the ballet, because guess which part Poopsie really has?
Little Vic (age 8-11)
by Doris Gates
sports ... animals
An undersized colt, son of a famous racer, has the potential to be a winner but is recognized only by his stable boy who trains to become a jockey and wins the right to ride his favorite to victory.
Jason and the Baseball Bear (age 8-11)
by Dan Elish
humor ... animals ... sports
Fourth-grader Jason, the only member of his Little League team who can talk with animals, improves his team's chances to win the championship with the help of an elderly polar bear named Whitney.
One Lucky Summer (age 8-11)
by Laura McGee Kvasnosky
realistic ... friendship ... sports
Moving from Santa Cruz, California, to Sacramento, Steven, a ten-year-old baseball player, spends the summer trying to make friends with his next-door neighbor, ballet-loving Lucinda. Will this unlikely pair find common ground? The outcome will surprise them both.
The Hockey Machine (age 8-11)
by Matt Christopher
mystery ... survival ... adventure ... sports
Catalog: Abducted by a "fan" and forced to become a member of a professional junior hockey team, thirteen-year-old star center Steve Crandall quickly realizes that he must play not only to win but to survive.
Matt Christopher's Sports Series (age 8-11)
by Matt Christopher
realistic ... friendship ... sports
The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, the importance of good sportsmanship and playing as part of a team. You'll find all this and more in Matt Christopher's exciting books.
title: Catch That Pass!
title: Catcher With a Glass Arm
title: Centerfield Ballhawk
title: Crackerjack Halfback
title: The Diamond Champs
title: Dirt Bike Racer
title: Dirt Bike Runaway
title: The Fox Steals Home
title: Glue Fingers
title: Ice Magic
title: The Kid Who Only Hit Homers
title: Man Out at First
title: No Arm in Left Field
title: Skateboard Tough
title: Soccer Halfback
title: The Spy on Third Base
title: Tough to Tackle
title: Wild Pitch
title: The Winning Stroke
title: Football Fugitive

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